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JioCinema Advertising with ROI Mantra

JioCinema Advertising: The New Buzz

JioCinema, from the house of Reliance Industries Limited, has set ablaze a new era in the world of OTT. With its remarkable user engagement soaring to unprecedented heights, JioCinema advertising emerges as the captivating realm where brands can seamlessly embrace this innovative realm of paid media strategy.


Key Insights

CPCV, CPM, Fixed
Entertainment, OTT

Diverse Ad Formats for Maximum Impact


Banner Ads

Capture attention seamlessly with visually appealing banner ads on JioCinema. These ads showcase your brand and engage with users while they explore their favourite content.

Masthead Banner

Video Ads

Leverage the power of sight, sound, and motion with video ads that play seamlessly before or during videos. Engage with storytelling, showcase products in action.


Masthead Banner

Claim the top spot with the masthead banner – a prominent ad placement that ensures your brand is at the front, as users navigate through the JioCinema content library.

Connected Tv

Connected TV Ads

Extend your reach to the big screen. With connected TV ads, you can target users watching JioCinema on smart TVs, delivering an immersive brand experience on a larger canvas.

Popular Reality Shows

Upcoming Movies

New & Popular

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The New-Age Performance Marketing Tool

In today’s entertainment landscape where OTT platforms are giving a hard time to traditional media outlets, in-app advertising has emerged as the new gamechanger for brand advancements. The transition from TV to OTT has been a gradual process with the top performers for OTT platforms such as JioCinema being movies and web series. However, in 2023, a lot changed when JioCinemas bagged the streaming rights for IPL cycle 2023-27 and decided to stream it for free, which led to an all-time high of 25 million downloads on the very first day!

JioCinema, a premium Indian subscription VOD OTT streaming platform by Viacom18, showcases a myriad of TV Series and movies, along with live streaming of sports events including cricket, badminton, and football. From expanding brand awareness to triggering sales, JioCinema Advertising is a great tool for brands! With 22+ crore monthly active users, JioCinema Advertising is your gateway for your brand to reach new heights of recognition and revenue.

JioCinema Advertising Benefits

Captivate your target audience with the power of visual storytelling. JioCinema’s extensive library of movies, web series, and live sports events provides a unique canvas for your brand to tell its story in an engaging and impactful way, tailored for virtually every target segment.


Target precisely. JioCinema’s robust user data and analytics enable precision targeting, ensuring that your advertisements are seen by your target audience.

Seamless User

Your brand’s message seamlessly blends with the content viewers love. Our non-intrusive OTT advertising approach ensures that your ads integrate naturally, enhancing the user experience rather than interrupting it.

Real-Time Performance Insights

Track the success of your campaigns in real time. Gain valuable insights into impressions, engagement rates, and conversions, allowing you to optimise your strategies for maximum ROI.

JioCinema Advertising Cost

Tailored to Your Budget

Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, JioCinema Ads offers flexible solutions to suit your budget. Choose from various ad formats, placement options, and durations to create a campaign that aligns with your marketing goals in the most affordable way.

Transparency and Value

At ROI Mantra, we believe in transparency. Our competitive pricing models ensure that you get the best value for your investment. With JioCinema’s massive user base, your brand gains unparalleled exposure without breaking the bank.

Why Choose ROI Mantra

Strategic Campaign Planning

From campaign ideation to execution, we at ROI Mantra with our ‘Zero Media Waste’ methodology, craft data-driven ad strategies tailored to your brand’s objectives to resonate with the audience.

Creative Excellence

Stand out in the digital crowd with captivating creatives. Our expert copywriters and designers collaborate to produce compelling ads to give your brand the perfect ‘recall value’.

Performance Optimization

We don’t just launch campaigns; we continuously refine them. Through constant monitoring and optimisation, we ensure that your JioCinema Advertising campaigns deliver the best possible results.

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